Tuesday, February 01, 2011

a day in the life*

7:30am when i woke up i could tell by the white brightness coming through the window that it was a snow day. 

8:30am i'm sitting here, reading e-mails and writing, sipping coffee, watching snowflakes. my husband and the kids are upstairs being noisy. i'm trying to tune them out. remember, i like my mornings quiet.

9:30am folding the laundry that i avoided yesterday. still sipping coffee, still in my jammies. we've had breakfast and some schoolwork, and now the kids are playing upstairs, this time not so noisily.

10:30am praying for a miracle in the bathroom, aka potty training my toddler. Bubba gets to watch Toy Story 3 when he sits on the potty. i clean the bathroom and tidy my closet while he sits.

11:30am prepping dinner with BigGirl. Italian Meatball Soup- my first attempt at one of Pioneer Woman's recipes.

12:30pm more working and planning. okay, and chatting.

1:30pm bundled up the kids and sent them outside to sled!

2:30pm washing dishes, putting away clean dishes, cleaning kitchen counters. it's a glamorous life, yall.

3:30pm schoolwork with BigGirl: homonyms, alphabetical order, and proper nouns. it's a snow day for the ISD, but a school day for HCPA!

4:30pm delivered hot cocoa mix and marshmallows to our neighbor who let us borrow their sled. we {love} our neighbors.

5:30pm vegging out on the couch with hubby and Bambi while the kids and Brindi watch Veggie Tales in the other room. yes, that is The Bachelor. and yes, my slippers are 8 years old.

6:30pm homemade hot cocoa.

7:30pm prepping for the kids' bedtime includes turning BigGirl's lullaby CD on repeat.

8:30pm prepping for my bedtime includes miracle lotions and potions. 

...goodnight all!

“A Day in the Life of…” is a photography project hosted by SimplyRebekah.com, and what a FUN project it was! She challenged us to take a picture of what's going on in our life every hour on one day, creating an awesome hour by hour snapshot of our day. Like being a fly on the wall, except you aren't a nuisance for being here and you won't get swatted.

*Today was not an ordinary day at the Hall Home. It was a snow day, which means no school for BigGirl and no work for Daddy. We were home-bound, and our normal routine was all messed up. I'll have to try this again on an ordinary day...whenever that may be. ;)