Wednesday, January 05, 2011

sitting, waiting, trying, praying

every 7-12 minutes the timer buzzes and we drop what we're doing and run to the bathroom to sit on the friendly green frog. and we sit. and wait. and he tries. and i pray. and Big Girl cheers. and we read. and the M&Ms entice. and we drink more juice.

when Bubba wakes up, it will be officially Day 3 of his potty training. after a super awesome successful Day 1, Day 2 was a complete bust. i was ready to throw in the towel but something in my spirit hollered "DO NOT GIVE UP." my spirit is stronger lately. and louder. and always right.

so today is Day 3.

i know he can do it. i think he's ready. it's just a matter of sitting, waiting, trying, and praying. and lots of juice and M&Ms.

and now i will graciously accept any advice you may have for successfully potty-training my 30-month-old son. 
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