Friday, January 14, 2011

january checkup

the first month of the 3 in 30 goal-setting challenge has been great so far. knowing that i have to "report" my progress here each week is motivation to really work toward accomplishing my 3 goals for the month. even if i am only really reporting to myself. it's working.

i thought about going into great detail about how each of my goals are becoming reachable day by day...but instead, let me just say this....

Bubba is not potty trained.  
i have successfully taken at least one picture each day.
and i am physically fasting, but spiritually feasting

progress, no?
but wait....

one thing i've come to realize is this: 

i can set goals and run toward them all day. but i need to be flexible for when the Holy Spirit leads me elsewhere, and ready to run in His direction. God already has plans for me. my personal agenda is worthless without His guidance, approval, and provisions. where i'm called, i'll go. even if it's not on my to-do list.
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