Thursday, December 16, 2010

conversations in a jar {free printable}

a thoughtful, yet practical, easy and homemade, possibly free, gift idea that would be perfect for your Mom friends? how about this:

Conversations with Kids in a Jar

i made this 5 years ago in my first MOPS group. each curly slip of paper has a question or prompt for something to talk about with your child. nothing too deep, but you can really get into a good conversation if you allow it.

i put the jar on a shelf next to the Play-Doh and watercolor paints. every once in a while when i reached on that shelf for craft supplies for BigGirl, the jar would catch my eye. i'd pull out a slip of paper and we would talk.

i kept the slip of paper out of the jar, set it aside. later, when she was preoccupied, i taped it inside a notebook and jotted down notes about our conversation, funny things she said, and insights into her life.

you can make your own Conversations in a Jar very easily. you simply need:
1. a jar- any size, shape, and style will do. even a bowl, vase, box, or coffee mug would work.
2. conversation prompts, cut into strips and curled like ribbon with scissors

my jar is decorated with ribbon, stickers, and tags. you could personalize this a million different ways. it would make a super cute and thoughtful gift for any Mom on your list!

click here for my FREE Printable Conversation Starters designed especially for children ages 2 and older. enjoy!