Thursday, November 04, 2010

start an uproar! {win an ipod}

Congratulations to the WINNER: @myprayerpillows!

{giveaway closed}

want to rock out with this chick for a few minutes? 

i want to introduce you to a rock star. Eddy is her name and music is her game. she's beautiful, a little quirky, rock-ish, and has a voice that makes me want to roll the windows down, turn the volume up and belt it out at the top of my lungs. 
just listen.... 

i want this song blaring on my ipod earbuds while i'm mopping the floor. or on the treadmill. or driving fast by myself. "you can't survive unless you learn to fly!" i love rocking out.

she's so cool, right? {and by the way i totally had the same hair cut as her once upon a time!} 

"Start An Uproar!" , Eddy's new CD, is full of jams like that one. listen to a few more and buy them here:

my second favorite song on the CD is "Let It Go." i'm hooked on "you are everything you need to beeeeee!"

Eddy is so cool she wants to give you an iPod Shuffle. really.  
AND? her new CD "Start An Uproar!" so you can rock out too!

here's how to enter to win. 
#1 become a fan at:
#2 tweet "I want to win an ipod shuffle [link to this post]  #eddymusic @eddysthename" 

don't have a twitter account? you can still enter to win: 
#1 become a fan at:
#2 become a friend of Eryn Eddy Erickson on Facebook, make this your status: "I want to win an ipod shuffle here [link to this post] and receive @eryneddyerickson newest EP!" and tag her.

the most generated tweets and status updates from one person who also became a fan of eddy will win. what are you waiting for? start an uproar! 

i'll announce the winner in a week. US residents only, please.