Monday, October 25, 2010

seeking relevance

words still escape me, yet there's so much to say.

this is my platform. this is an altar. this is my story, but for His glory. this will be used for good, for God.

tears still fill my eyes when i remember God's powerful presence at Relevant. my heart is still overwhelmed. the Holy Spirit swept through the ballroom, the hallways, the conference rooms, leaving a sea of women healed and broken in His wake.

yes. healed and broken.

walls were torn down. boundaries were defined. hearts were filled. souls were emptied.
there is a change happening here in the blogosphere, and by God's grace i am part of it. i love Him so much it hurts. i crave His presence now more than ever. is this what Sarah Mae intended? this is what God intended.

i want more of You, Lord, and less of me. i want to rise from the dead and shine a light here. not just making the most of it for myself. making the most of it for Him, and for my family, because it is His will. this blog, this space, this platform, has a renewed mission.

"...everything exposed by the light becomes visible, for it is light that makes everything visible. This is why it is said: "Wake up, O sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you."

Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord's will is..." -Ephesians 5:13-17

every word i type, every blog post i start, begins with this simple prayer: Lord, lead me. grant me relevance for Your glory.