Tuesday, October 12, 2010

playdate disclaimer {top ten tuesday}

BigGirl is getting older. as she matures, i'm finding out that her playdates are maturing, too.
up until recently, her playdates were of the Mommy-and-Me variety. we would invite friends and their moms over for a few hours of play time, or BigGirl and i would go to one of her friends house to play for a little while. but now, we're into the Drop Off playdates. it's not that Mom isn't invited anymore...she's just not necessary anymore. BigGirl and her friends don't really need Mom facilitating their play, and it only takes 1 Mom (the host Mom) to serve snacks, apply a Band-Aid, or press play on the CD player.
we hosted our first Drop Off playdate a few weeks ago when BigGirl invited one of her new friends over. i secretly hoped her friend's mom would decide to stay while the girls played. a week leading up to the event i found myself wanting to call the friend's mom and tell her all the reasons she has not to worry about leaving her daughter at our home. like i was selling the idea of a Drop Off playdate at our house. i never did call her, though, because i didn't want her to think i was crazy. {being crazy is worse than having a dog that isn't friendly?}
i did, however, make a list of 10 Things You Should Want To Know About Us Before A Drop Off Playdate At Our Home. a disclaimer for hosting a playdate, kinda. i even made a colorful card that i thought maybe i'd laminate and BigGirl could carry it in her backpack. {or is that crazy?}

1. we are germ-free (no illnesses, no cooties).
2. i will not discipline your child.
3. no t.v. on playdates.
4. water is our thirst quencher (no juice or soda served here).
5. adult supervision and undivided attention is provided at all times.
6. our home is baby-proof'd.
7. our home is smoke-free, drug-free, and gun-free.
8. we have 2 friendly dogs.
9. snacks will be offered to hungry children.
10. you can call anytime to check on us and i won't think you're crazy.

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