Tuesday, October 05, 2010

my Relevant packing list {top ten tuesday}

16 days! 16 days til Relevant

and i'm going! thanks to my fabulously "relevant" sponsor, MasterBooks. it's relevant that they are sponsoring me because MasterBooks is a Christian publisher for homeschool, creation science, apologetics, Bible study, Christian living, and current issues resources. i've found some excellent homeschooling resources on their website- uh, hello Ken Ham!- but really they offer so much more. MasterBooks is a perfect fit for MamaHall.

so...back to me getting ready for The Relevant Conference. lately all i can think about are the very detailed and specific instructions i need to leave for DaddyHall to help him out while i'm gone. but it's time i start thinking about packing, right? what bags will i bring? what will i wear? what will the weather be like? what do i need?

i don't know.

i wrote on my To Do list for this week, "Relevant packing list."

i don't have a Top Ten list of things to pack for my first ever blogging conference. so you tell me...what do i need to pack? HELP!