Thursday, September 16, 2010

shockingly, my vacuum sucks

although i can't believe this even matters to me, i have to get this off of my chest. 

i don't like my vacuum cleaner.

it shocks me. both the fact that i don't like it, and literally, the vacuum cleaner shocks me. when i push it forward and then pull it back towards me, a little spark of electricity zaps my leg or my hand. it's a little bit bigger of a shock than the kind you get in the winter when you've been walking on carpet and then you touch someone. it kind of hurts and always scares me, and then it just makes me mad.

the other thing i don't like about my vacuum cleaner? i don't think it sucks. i mean, i think it sucks but not in the way that it's supposed to. {we don't say that word, by the way.}

when i'm vacuuming barefoot, which i usually am, and i vacuum up the sand by the back door, which i usually do, i can feel the sand spray my feet from the back of the vacuum cleaner. i'm left standing in the very pile of sand that i just sucked up. huh?

like the vacuum sucks it up in the front and then spits it out in the back. and then? my vacuuming becomes a never ending chore.

admittedly, i haven't liked this vacuum cleaner from the beginning. it's really loud. and the attachment hose is too short. the company that makes it makes really good LCD TVs, DVD players and digital cameras. they should stick to home electronics and leave the vacuum cleaners to the vacuum cleaner companies.
i have to use this thing at least twice a week, so it would be great if i liked it, right?

so, come on, Moms. tell me about your awesome vacuum cleaner. i need one that sucks but doesn't shock.