Sunday, September 26, 2010

inspired. or insane. you decide.

ok, know that sense of urgency and excitement you get when you are newly pregnant? the sudden urge to prepare a room, choose a name, and shop for diaper bags?

i have that. kinda. but i'm NOT pregnant.

there's a move in our near future. if God wills, we will sell our home and move closer to DaddyHall's job within the next 12 months. 

and suddenly, i am excited and have the urge to prepare our home for showings and for a move.

i've been though a move. a handful of them. i know it's not all jolly sunshine fun. but in the past, i've moved from rental to rental. you know how it goes- clean out your stuff, steam clean the carpets, get out when your lease is up, and get your deposit back (or not.) obviously, it's VERY different than selling your home and buying another. in order to sell this house, it has to look buy-able to someone else. it has to be a blank canvas that they could move in and call their home. and right now? our home looks VERY lived-in by us. (and we've only been here 5 years. yikes.)

i want to make my home ready. i want to rearrange and update furnishings. i want to purge. i want to organize. i want to clean in the nooks and crannies. i want to declutter. i want to make my bookshelves look like ones in Ikea catalogs. i want things in baskets and on hooks and perfectly framed. i want it to be like a model home. and yet, at the same time, i want it to be live-able. i want it to be functional. practical. real. home.

our house isn't even on the market yet. i'm going to get a jump-start on this process while i'm excited, before the stress {reality} of it hits. and then today? i stumbled across My Blessed Life's Design on a Dime makeover, even further fueling my urge to make my home ready. i wonder if she's for hire?

here are the rooms that need work: the front room (aka formal dining room), the master closet, the master bathroom, DaddyHall's office, my office, the laundry room. my goal is to spend 2-3 weeks on one room and to take Before and After photos for accountability (and blogging of course!) all that needs to be done is some painting here and here, some updating and reorganizing, and some putting away of stuff. i'm excited. i'm full of ideas.

i'm inspired.

or insane.

either way...follow along for a good laugh :) my home make-ready starts NOW!