Tuesday, August 17, 2010

what's in your swagger wagon?

from the outside, my SUV does not look like a mom-mobile. unless of course you happen to notice the "Hall College Prep Academy Honor Students" bumper sticker, or the Fort Worth Children's Museum Parking Pass stuck in the dash, or unless you look really closely at the finger print smudges around the bottom of the doors. other than that, my ride looks like your average gas-guzzler driving down the road. or parked at Chuck E. Cheese.

but look inside? and it's 110% a mom-mobile. lots of trinkets and treasures floating around the seats and floorboards. bits and pieces of evidence that prove a mom drives this SUV. i take pride in that stuff. it's character. it's personality. i'm proud to be an SUV-driving Mom. in fact...i call it my swagger wagon. cleaning it out today, i came up with my Top Ten Tuesday list.

Top Ten Things In My Swagger Wagon:
1. CleanWell and BoogieWipes
2. take-n-toss spoons
3. HappyBaby Puffs
4. Hot Wheels cars
5. Chuck E. Cheese tokens
6. extra diapers, swim diapers, wipes
7. Hello Kitty bracelet and Hannah Montana lipgloss
8. VeggieTales and Galactic Blast CD
9. melted crayons (uh oh)
10. restaurant children's menu/color pages 

just for fun watch this. rock out & embrace your swagger wagon.

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