Thursday, August 19, 2010

TILT: pizza night

there is usually four one night a week, and usually it's Thursday, that i simply do not feel like cooking dinner. by Thursday night, i have prepared, cooked and cleaned up after approximately 18 meals for four people. so, my family so graciously forgives me for popping a frozen pizza on Thursday night. oh, who am i kidding? they look forward to pizza night as much as i do. especially Bubba.

however, i still want what's best for my family. i don't want to un-do all the healthy food i've fed them all week by serving them a slice of greasy, processed, fatty, deliciousness. pizza night is a break from our usual healthy diet, but just because it's easy doesn't mean it has to be junky.

i am starting to sound like a commercial...and this is not a sponsored review...

honestly...i feel better about pizza night when i serve them Newman's Own frozen pizza. first of all, "All Profits Donated to Charity!" hello, can i get an application for Gorbella's please? oh, and "All Natural" ingredients? yes. Uncured Pepperoni and No Nitrate or Nitrate Added? yes. Multigrain Crust? yes. no mommy guilt!
and to top it all off? Coupons.
it's cooked and on the table in a matter of minutes. everyone eats it and is happy. clean up is a breeze- no pots or pans. mama is happy.

i love Newman's Own on pizza night!

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