Tuesday, August 10, 2010

music to my ears: Top Ten Tuesday

if someone made a movie about my life, which they probably will, they would need a soundtrack. obviously. {i love soundtracks.} so i'm going to help that someone out by giving them a list of songs that hold meaning to me and therefore should be on my life movie soundtrack. and why.  

10 songs that would be on the soundtrack of My Life, the movie:

1. Love Will Find It's Way To You, by Reba McEntire: age 14, a road trip with my family and my BFF, Jamie, and i can't tell the rest of the story because it's one of those special BFF things. you'll just have to watch the movie and see.

2. Save The Best For Last, by Vanessa Williams: around age 15, my sister Sally and i loved to make up our own {wild} lyrics to this song. we were just silly. 

3. That's My Job, by Conway Twitty: my dad made me and my brother sit in the car and listen to the lyrics of this song beginning to end, when it first came out. i must have been 10. it means so much more to me now than it did then. get the tissues for this scene.

4. Imagine, by John Lennon: a tinkly version of this song played on the mobile on BigGirl's crib.

5. It Was A Good Day, by Ice Cube: age 14 or so, i knew all the words and thought i was so cool. wardrobe- i wore complete Dickies work uniform outfits. by choice. to my non-uniform school.

6. Special, by Garbage: oh gosh this puts me right back in my blue '89 Honda Accord, windows down, young and free. wild. 17.

7. You Dropped A Bomb On Me, The Gap Band: i requested this song when my hubby "proposed" to me, i was so shocked-mostly about the way he did it- that this was the only song that seemed appropriate. 

8. Shadow of Your Cross, by Joel Engle: i fell/fall to my knees many times with this song playing in my heart.

9. Down, by Jay Sean feat. Lil Wayne: our official date night song. romantic, really. 

10. The Adventure, by Angels and Airwaves: this played on repeat, and pumped me up, in the most fast and furious days of Gorbella's planning. "i can not live, i can't breathe, unless you do this with me."

i could go on and on and on! it's going to have to be a double-disc set. 

thanks, Amanda, for hosting Top Ten Tuesday! i relived some super great moments this morning.