Wednesday, July 21, 2010

summer candy

(i just realized how much i love those two words: summer and candy. yum!)

so i walked into my friend's kitchen and the first thing i saw was this beautiful, colorful candy bowl sitting on her countertop. i was drawn to it.

naturally, i wanted to reach in and grab a piece. truth be told, i wanted to taste one of every color.

except, that's not candy. it's a good thing i realized that before popping one in my mouth. that would have been embarrassing.

"it's just a little something we're doing this summer..." my friend said. but i knew it was not just a little something. you aren't a mom of 3 with a crystal candy bowl on your countertop filled with brightly colored bits of paper and call it "just a little something." so i bugged her about it until she told me what it was.

"every morning the kids take turns picking a piece of paper out of the bowl. written on the paper is an activity, and whatever it says, we make a point to do that day."

i couldn't resist. i peeked.


my bugging-her technique worked because then,when she saw me taking pictures of her "summer candy" she emailed me the list of activities that inspired her to do this.

the activities are simple things that you can do around the house, or fairly easy and inexpensive outings. they can be modified, though- you can make up your own! and you can adjust the activities for your children's ages. i love it. and i'm not so sure it has to be a summer thing. why not have a candy bowl out year-round?

of course i knew i HAD to share this with you, my friends!
this is the list of activities. print, cut them out and toss them into your own candy bowl, or get creative and make up your own activities! 
(click to open, print. or right click, save.)

it's summertime! make the most of it!

need even more inspiration for summer boredom busters? i especially like the craft projects and books recommended by NoTimeForFlashcards.

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