Monday, June 21, 2010

the pool fiasco

at the beginning of the summer, (yes, just a few weeks ago) my mom (yes, the one mentioned here) surprised my kids with a new pool. "something fun for them to play with in the backyard on hot days!" she said, defending the outrageous gift.

i was not 100% in favor of the pool that she bought for them for many reasons. first of all, i had already bought them a pool.

this is the pool i got for them (on clearance at the end of last season!):

this is the pool she got for them:

yes, there is a 4 foot and 15 gallon difference between the two.

the new pool has 4 air chambers, requiring an air compressor and special tools to inflate. which usually took about 45 minutes. each time.

the pool had to be inflated and deflated each time we used it. it couldn't be left out on the lawn because 1) we have 2, sometimes 4, big dogs that would love nothing more but to jump in and pop it, and 2) the pool  killed about a quarter of an acre of grass underneath it if it stayed out and up too long. i had to move the pool from the grass to the patio to deflate and empty it. it weighed about a ton when it was filled with water but only half a ton when empty. and of course i had to do this by myself because it was when we were at home while Daddy was at work that the kids wanted to go swimming in their new pool.

that ginormous pool gave me a headache just looking at it.

Granny gave it to the kids, helped set it up, and then left town. we kept the pool for about 4 days after she left before i had enough.

too big to fit in the back of my spacious SUV, i hoisted the pool on top. ALL. BY. MYSELF.

i drove slower than most turtles, with my flashers on, on back roads.

i felt really sorry for this guy who got stuck behind me. he probably felt sorry for me, too.

it only blew off of my truck twice. the second time i was able to stop at a gas station before totally losing it (the pool and my sanity), a kind stranger helped me deflate it by opening the valves and sitting on it. we sat there on the pool in the parking lot until enough air was out so that i could fold it up and shove it in the back of my truck. it took about 20 minutes. we had a nice conversation.

despite the lengths i went to, i was so happy to deliver the pool to a family who really wanted it. they don't have a big dog. they are okay with some grass dying this summer. they have a portable air compressor. they really wanted this pool. i would have paid them to take it from me.