Wednesday, May 12, 2010

moving day

our dear friends, who have been our neighbors since we moved here 5 years ago, are moving today. not too far, but far enough that we can't over to their house whenever we see their garage door open. their children play with, have grown up with, our children. they were the first family, and one of the only families, that we trusted to babysit our children. we celebrated holidays together. we sat outside together watching our kids play on countless afternoons. sunny, rainy, cold, hot. nothing stopped us from pulling out our lawn chairs and bringing the kids out to play. all together there are 7 of them under age 10. neighborhood pals. we call them The Frontyardigans. many, many, many memories. good people. great neighbors. God-sent friends. 

"The Frontyardigans" photo by SPGPhotography, March 2010

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