Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day to me, to you

my family treated me like a Queen today. i have wanted my very own clothesline for a few months now, and lookie!

i did a load of laundry just for the fun of it!

and when they came off of the line, they smelt so fresh and clean.

a new clothes line + coffee in bed + awesome worship & word at church + lunch at Fuzzy's + homemade cards + bear hugs and butterfly kisses + uninterrupted "me" time + a shopping spree = Happy Mother's Day to Me!

i also celebrate my circle of Mommy friends on Mother's Day, because without them i would be LOST. for real. so, to thank them and let them know i love them, i put together this little treat package and gave it to them this morning:

i mean, come on, what Mom doesn't love chocolate?!?

Happy Mother's Day!
i hope you were treated like a Queen today, too. now go eat some chocolate!