Wednesday, April 07, 2010

works for me: hosting a toddler playdate

recently i hosted Bubba's first playdate with his friends. there were 8 children, and 6 were in the 2 and younger age group. still waiting on my Mom of the Month Award.

i took notes along the way hoping to share a success story with you, but mostly hoping i wouldn't have to write a "What Not To Do" post.

we survived and we had fun.

this is what worked for us...

Step 1: before your little guests arrive, bring out the big toys. the inflatables. the climb-on structures. the noisy toys. as you're setting out toys, ask yourself: does my house look like Toys R Us? if the answer is yes- perfect. (Bubba thought it was Christmas morning.)

Step 2: make dinner in your slow cooker. you will be glad you did.

Step 3: hide any signs of your children being under the weather. (just kidding, friends!)

Step 4: set out plenty of snacks for moms and kids. food = fuel. we had Cutie oranges, HAPPYBABY PUFFS, Cheerios, raisins, YoBaby yogurt, pastries, and graham crackers. for the moms, we had S'mores Luna Bars and they were delicious with coffee!

Step 5: set up a temporary diaper-changing area, preferably in a closed-off room or bathroom. all you need is a towel, a box of wipes, a lined trash can, and some instant hand sanitizer. so simple but very effective. your mom friends will think you are a genius. *also, keep the baby gate handy to close off the staircase or other off-limits areas.

Step 6: sit back and enjoy watching your little one make memories with friends.

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