Friday, February 12, 2010

Marshmallow Heart: a Valentine's Day craft

We are home bound due to the record breaking snowfall here in Ft. Worth.
Looking for *fun and interesting* things to do to keep my little ones [and myelf] from going stir crazy, I found this marshmallow craft activity and loved it. It's easy, timely and we had all the "ingredients" on hand.

But BigGirl wanted to paint. But Mama wanted to do the marshmallow craft activity. Let the battle of the wills begin.

I modified the marhsmallow craft and we both got our way. Even Bubba, my easy-going child, participated. Love his chubby little hands manuvering the paintbrush. 

Marshmallow Heart Valentine's Day Craft
you will need- mini-marshmallows, glue, food coloring (at least 1 color), paint brush, big heart cut out of craft foam or cardstock, paper plate/paper towel, markers (optional)
1. put 1-2 drops of 1 color of food coloring in a cup. add some water. that is your "paint".
2. spread out the marshmallows on a paper plate or paper towel.
3. let your child paint the marshmallows with the food coloring water.
4. pop every other marshmallow in your mouth.

5. after the marshmallows dry (an hour at least) help your child glue the marshmallows in a design on the heart. BigGirl wanted her marshmallows only around the edge. let dry.

6. add a picture with markers (optional)

and there you have it! a Valentine's Day craft that's easy and passes the time wonderfully.