Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ten on Tuesday: love(5)

there's something BIG about turning 5. being five takes you out of the "preschooler" age bracket. being five is a full price ticket. being five takes off your training wheels. being five loses baby teeth. five is a big kid.

my BigGirl will be 5 tomorrow. here are 10 things (out of a bazillioninfinity) that i love, love, love about her.

1. her soft skin. especially her cheeks, so kissable.
2. her empathetic thought process.
3. her developing sense of humor...she cracks me up and she knows it.
4. those bright blue eyes framed by long, dark, curly eyelashes that i'm secretly jealous of and always will be.
5. when she puckers her lips for a kiss. i love it because she means it.
6. her openness and honesty. she talks with me about everything and i pray she always will.
7. her sensitivity. she protects herself, her heart and her mind.
8. her prayers, so thankful and so trusting.
9. her affection, the way she curls up, hugs, and snuggles close without reservation.
10. those blonde ringlet curls! no fair!
Happy Birthday, BigGirl!

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