Friday, January 15, 2010

my bliss {BlissDom'10}

Okay I'm totally crazy for doing this but it's part of following my bliss in 2010.

Blissdom is a conference for bloggers. It's coming up. The theme for this year's conference is “Follow Your Bliss.”

What is my bliss?
  • writing. in my blog and in my paper journal, i love writing from my heart, from my thoughts, for myself, and for others.
  • Gorbella's. a better place to play, a free service for families in my community, a place for healthy, wholesome, clean and educational play.
What am I doing to follow my bliss? How will I make Gorbella's possible? How will I keep writing?

I have a passion for writing and I have a place for writing. It's up to me to find time and inspiration to keep writing. I can do that by networking with other writers, reading, and carving out moments to jot down my thoughts. I can do it. I can follow this bliss.

I have a passion for helping parents give their young children the best of the best without spending a ton of dough. That's what Gorbella's is about. I'm building a better place to play- it's free, it's clean, it's age-appropriate, it's educational, it's accessible, it's supportive. Gorbella's is my BIG and impossible dream. I'm fundraising, networking, grant-seeking, sponsor-seeking, donor-seeking, volunteer-recruiting. I'm spreading the word. I'm asking for help. I'm pushing through, I'm not giving up. 

Blissdom Conference ~ Nashville ~ February 4-6 2010Mom in the City is offering the chance to win a pass to Blissdom'10. I'd love to go. I'd love the encouragement from fellow dreamers, and I'd love to be there to encourage them to follow bliss.

If it's meant to be, it will be.