Friday, January 15, 2010

Haiti needs us

I am heartbroken, greif-stricken, over the devastating earthquake that violently shook Haiti on January 12. I don't watch the news but I'm tuned in to enough media outlets to know the facts. The latest reports have the estimated death toll at around 50,000.

It hurts me to my core to think about what happened, what the survivors face.

We are so blessed. Are we thankful? Do we live as though an earthquake or other natural disaster could come at any moment and wipe out everything we have and everyone love?

The survivors are left with nothing. They're looking for their Moms. Dads. Sons and Daughters. Sisters and Brothers. They're looking for life. They're looking for hope.

As Mary Jo at Covenant Homemaking put it, "This is serious stuff."

In an effort to help, I am participating in the blogging community's "Help for Haiti" drive, headed up by Crystal at Money Saving Mom. Linking up is what I can do here. I've also checked this list at to see other ways my family can help, and we're pitching in.

If you want to help Haiti, start by doing some research and finding out who needs what. Compassion International's Haiti Earthquake Disaster Relief has our support. Compassion is a Christian organization that will meet the Haitian people's physical needs as well as bringing them the hope of the glorious gospel of Christ. My family is giving directly to Compassion International's Haiti Earthquake Relief.

Another way to help is to simply pray. Cry out to God to send His comfort and provision to the people of Haiti and to the rescue teams. Pray God will be glorified in Haiti and around the world. My family is praying.

What are you doing? Do what you can but do something. This is serious stuff.

Haiti needs us.