Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thirsty Thursday: Facing Kindergarten

At around age 2, DaddyHall and I started talking about school options for BigGirl. It was then that we decided homeschooling her would be best based on her personal strengths and abilities. Fast forward to 2009 and she was academically ready to start a Kindergarten homeschool program. A few days into that and we discovered she was actually ready to start 1st grade work. Now we're halfway through the school year and she has done great. She excels in math, but also does great with her phonics, reading, writing, and comprehension. I haven't seen any signs of burnout or boredom in her. She thrives with the routine, and is still excited about learning.

And every day I find another reason to add to the looong list of Why It's Best For Us To Homeschool.

We knew all along that our homeschool would eventually be supplemented with a university-model school where BigGirl could take a few core subjects in a classroom environment a few days a week with other homeschooled students. There are two of these types of schools in our area. We toured one last week, anticipating her starting there next fall. BigGirl sat in on the class and participated in everything they did: math, phonics, art.

As it turns out...she's ready now. She was keeping up and then some with those kindergarteners. And she's a year younger.

Starting her in the school's kindergarten in the fall of 2010 would be a setback for her, because at this pace she'll be well ready for 1st grade in the Spring.

There is some red tape, and the administrators make it sound like there are firey hoops to jump through, but it's possible she will be starting Kindergarten in the Spring, so that she can "legally" start 1st grade in the Fall.

Oh. My. Goodness.

We're facing Kindergarten. For my firstborn. My little sweet baby girl. Who was just born yesterday. Please someone shake me or pinch me or HUG ME.

This is something we've been praying about. For years now we've been asking God to guide us when it comes to her schooling, to open doors and lead us where to go and when. I've prayed that God's will be done in our lives, especially in regards to her schooling. Because I only want what's best for her, for now and for the long run.

She's going back to that school again today - this time, without Mama sitting in the classroom. The administrators and teachers want to see how she does in the classroom environment. Lord, if this is your plan for us...

She's thirsty for knowledge. If this is His plan for quenching us, we are so grateful.

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