Tuesday, November 24, 2009

this day is good: Sundance Square

my {beautiful} children were asked to model for a photography class at a photoshoot in Downtown Cowtown. it wasn't easy- taking pictures of children hardly ever is. the challenges we overcame included vomit, a busted lip, location violation, expired parking meters, and bitter cold wind. but they were troopers- both the kids and the photographers.

it was messy. it was lovely. it was unexpected.

i love my photographer Carleen Sparkman {yes, i claim ownership of her but you can borrow her if you want}, and the photography students in her class are oh-so-nice and great with my kids. 

and see that precious tutu my BigGirl is wearing? it's from My Little Cutie Pie, a sweet lil' Etsy boutique. i love the bold, fluffy, sparkly tulle, especially paired with dark denim and cowgirl boots. so urban chic, right? {PS: stay tuned for a My Little Cutie Pie giveaway!}

i cherish every moment with my children, especially the behind-the-scenes moments.

this day is good.