Wednesday, October 14, 2009

works for me: Big Kid sippy cups

God bless the person that invented the sippy cup. i mean, really. what did parents do before the sippy cup? they just handed little junior a regular cup and cleaned the spills and stains on clothes and carpets everywhere until little junior mastered drinking from a regular cup.

i love the sippy cup. from the time Bubba could hold it by himself i let him drink water from a sippy cup. on every outing, we bring sippy cups full of water. (especially now that we've banned bottled water in our house.)

but...there comes a time when a child wants to be a "big kid" and thinks she is "too old" to use the sippy cup. i'm just speaking generally, here.

and yet i'm not quite comfortable she's not quite ready to drink from a unlidded cup unless she's sitting very still at the table on tiled floor with a dish cloth on her lap with absolutely no distractions. what.

so in our house we have Big Kid sippy cups.

SHHHHH! these are simply sports water bottles. nothing fancy or expensive. in fact, they are cheaper than the baby/toddler sippy cups, which cost about an arm and a leg each.

if you're 4 years old or older you get to use Big Kid sippy cups. [The age limit was determined by Big Girl herself]

it makes her feel big and more mature, and i don't have to worry about spills. Big Kid sippy cups work for my Big Kid and me.

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