Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ten on Tuesday: Peek in my purse

ever wonder what's in another mom's purse? i know you do. it's okay. i do, too.

there are Flickr groups, websites, and even a devotional for Nosey Nellys like us. if you thought you were addicted to Facebook, wait 'til you see the YouTube videos!

bottom line: you have a subconscious desire to know what is in another mom's purse and i am here to satisfy your curiosity! you're welcome.

10 things that are in my purse:

1. clipped coupons, this week's menu and grocery list from yesterday's trip to Target.
2. 2 pens, 2 purple markers, and an unsharpened pencil.
3. cough drops and Baskin Robbins cookies 'n cream-flavored hard candy. to satisfy my oral-fixation.
4. travel wipes container (empty, note to self) Boogie Wipes, Desitin, and Clean Well. the necessities.
5. CO Bigelow pink mint lipgloss- my favorite.
6. wallet (empty, note to hubby)
7. dayplanner (never empty)
8. McDonald's milk jug (empty, thankfully)
9. plastic butterfly ring, plastic Sleeping Beauty ring, and sunflower temporary tattoo. girly stuff.
10. travel size sunscreen and Cetaphil for my babies' sweet sensitive skin.

so if we are ever hanging out and you need money or wipes, don't ask me. however, if you need a purple marker, i'm your girl!

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