Wednesday, September 09, 2009

works for me: Mr Clean Eraser

i have been a fan of the Mr. Clean Eraser since i started this whole housewife thing. it's a crucial element in my cleaning supply bucket. give me a jug of vinegar and a Mr. Clean Eraser and i am your merry maid!

mostly i use the Mr. Clean Eraser for getting marks and smudgy fingerprints off of my white walls. it also saved the day that time BigGirl drew on the mirror with a Sharpie.

but yall...

have you seen the Mr. Clean Eraser commercial where the smiling lady wipes her grimey, foggy, soap-caked shower glass door with the Mr. Clean Eraser and the area she wiped, just one wipe, is totally sparkely spotless clear and clean?

i thought it was too good to be true.

my shower is like a glass closet. unless i stay on top of it with supertoxic chemical cleaners and a squeegie, the glass is grimey, foggy, and soap-caked. one day, i saw that commercial and thought i'd give it a whirl.



yall! it worked! look how clear and clean! and it has stayed that way for 7 days now! {i promise to post before & after pictures as soon as Blogger wakes up}

here's what i did: i dampened the Mr. Clean Miracle Eraser and wiped a section of the shower glass in a quick, circular motion. it broke up the grime and smeared it around. then, using a dry rag, i wiped away the wet residue. and it was sparkling clean! and i was smiling just like the lady in the commercial!

Mr. Clean Erasers work for me! what else works? check out We Are THAT Family for more WFMW tips & tricks.