Wednesday, August 19, 2009

works for me: twice as many baby wipes

ok, so baby wipes are not the most expensive baby necessity, i know. but needing baby wipes and not having any baby wipes is disasterous.

so it is always in my best interest to have plenty of baby wipes- and here's the catch- without have to buy a case of them every week.

one of my first Mommy friends, whom i befriended before BigGirl was even born, was what i like to call a BTDT Mom. [Been There Done That] she had 2 school-aged children and was expecting her third. she had a lot of experience and, therefore, a lot of motherhood tips and tricks to share with me, the newbie.

typical me, i didn't take a lot of her advice. i like to learn what works for me by experiencing it myself. but for some reason, one of her tricks stuck with me all these years and i finally tried it and guess works for me.

"cut your baby wipes in half," she said.

i did.

i used a mega pair of scissors and sliced those baby wipes in two, and then put them neatly back in the box. now, instead of using an average of 2 wipes per use, i'm down to using 2 half wipes for the same "job", which means i have twice as many baby wipes without the extra expense.

as it turns out, you don't use the whole wipe anyway. if you're like me, you use at least half of it as a handle to hold on to so your hand doesn't get eeewy. with the half wipes, you still have a handle, it's just not as big.

i cut the wipes in my travel case, too, because finding the travel case of wipes empty is tragic.

cutting the baby wipes in half works for me! find out what works for other creative, inventive, ingenious Mamas at We Are THAT Family.