Wednesday, August 05, 2009

works for me: Reading Time

our first day of our first official year of homeschooling is just weeks days away. having just realized this today, on top of realizing that the stack of library books were due back today, my stomach turned and i panicked a little bit.

sure we've been learning informally here and there throughout the summer. but mostly we've just been floating carelessly through the days, and Big Girl has been reading books mostly at her leisure. that's what summer is all about, right?

well, time to get on track. if i want to instill and enforce any type of school day schedule at all when HCPA starts, it's time to get busy. since books were on my brain i thought we'd start there.

from now on, in preparation of school starting, Big Girl is having Reading Time every day, enforced and set aside time just for reading! she can read to herself, to Bubba, and/or i can read to her. i'm officially adding it into our [currently loose] daily routine and Big Girl and i are going to hold one another accountable.

an then, i had an "ah-ha" moment when we were returning our almost late library books. BOOK ON TAPE!

[yes, cassettes. and none of our stereos have cassette players, not even in the cars. luckily i found a few books that had "audio disks" that's what they called CDs back in the day.]

she loved it. what a great idea for her daily mandatory Reading Time. even if i do say so myself.

so far, it works for me! see other Back to School themed WFMW at We Are That Family. {praying I'm randomly chosen to win her DaySpring giveaway!}