Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thirsty Thursday: Mardel's summer sale

Today's the big day! Mardel's big summer sale, where everything for homeschooling is marked 20% off. I've never been, but I've heard about it every year and I've always looked forward to THIS YEAR so that I can go to the sale. (Because this year, we start Kindergarten with Big Girl!)

Mardel is our local Christian book store that sells music, books, and educational supplies. I subscribed to their e-newsletter because I like shopping there for gifts and craft supplies. A few weeks ago I got the e-mail from Mardel announcing their 20% off homeschooling supplies sale, and it made my day.

I've done my research on what books we need, priced them at competitors and online, I've got my list and I'm ready to shop. They open at 9am, and I plan to be there when the doors open.

My Thirsty Thursday tip is this: seek out local bookstores sales and if it makes sense for your supply needs, plan ahead and take full advantage!
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