Saturday, May 16, 2009

the sound of peace

Faith, Hope & Lullabies

About three summers ago, I read the first half of Don Piper's "90 Seconds in Heaven." Something I read has stayed with me ever since. According to Piper, when he arrived in Heaven it was noisy. But not a distracting, ear-covering noise. He described it as peaceful. It was the sound of people singing and praising God. He described it as loud and overwhelming and beautiful. He said everyone was constantly praising God in their own language and it sounded like they were singing.

When I read that, I couldn't grasp it. Constantly praising God? Imagine! I had to think of it like this: think of an instance here on earth where you shake your head and say, "praise God," or "thank God." It's typically uttered in a moment of relief and comfort. You feel thankful, as though a little miracle had just occurred in your day.

Now, think about having that moment, that feeling, constantly. It gives me the chills. It warms my heart. It's awesome. God is awesome.

I imagine that in Heaven, that feeling is constant. And if we're all praising God and giving Him thanks and glory, it does sound like a song. To me, our lyrics of praise are accompanied by piano, violins, acoustic guitar, bells, chimes, and maybe an armonica. It's beautiful.

Today I heard, for the first time, a CD called "Faith, Hope & Lullabies: Songs of Worship." As I listened, it reminded me of that warm feeling of praising God constantly. It reminded me of the music I hope to hear in Heaven. It's beautiful. And although no one is singing the tracks on this particular CD, we could all sing along, praising God in our own language. This is the sound of peace.

And by the way, Big Girl loves this CD, too, because, she said, "It's good naptime music." For soothing, quiet-time music, I whole-heartedly recommend Faith, Hope & Lullabies Songs of Worship.