Thursday, January 29, 2009

works for me: a day late and a safety pin

i was busy yesterday [um, understatement of the year] with Big Girl's 4th birthday bash so i am posting my Works for Me Wednesday today. Thursday. because being a day late sometimes works for me.
seriously. pretend with me that today is Wednesday. so, because you never know when you're going to need a safety pin:
that's right. i keep a safety pin on my key chain. just. in. case. it seems like you can never find one of those little buggers when you need one. and usually if you need a safety pin, you need a safety pin. because THAT button popped off, or the hem of your pants tore, or your brastrap broke, or your little princess's tutu straps are too big. stuff like that needs to be fixed pronto.

put a safety pin on your key chain and you are miss fix-just-about-anything. and, depending on their safety pin situation, someone might even call you their hero.
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