Friday, January 23, 2009

Foodie Friday: Chocolate-covered Sandwich Cookies

i want some order in this blog. not a day goes by that i don't think 'i should write about that in my blog.' but, because the task of organizing those thoughts and making them sound eloquent seems so daunting, only about half of the time do i ever get around to doing it. [insert dramatic...sigh...]

if i had some order to my blog- some daily categories, if you will -then it would be easier to organize my thoughts and words, therefore making it easier for me to write about it and publish it here. this is not a new concept by any means. some of my favorite blogs have their posts and days so strategically organized you could say it's borderline OCD, or anal-retentive, or Type-A, whichever box you prefer to check. [no offense, of course. i said they were my favorite blogs.]

i want some order here.

introducing my Foodie Friday! i don't have a graphic or button, i don't have a Mister Linky doo-hickey, or even a real plan for my Foodie Friday, i just know i want to do it.

Foodie Friday is here!

Big Girl's 4th Bday is just around the corner. we are having an early celebration and mini-party tomorrow at baby loves disco with her BF4EAE, CharBea. we can't have a mini-party bday celebration without some sort of sweets, right? Big Girl doesn't much like cake or cupcakes [we're still trying to figure out where we went wrong there] so i came up with this alternative: Chocolate-covered Sandwich Cookies with Rainbow Sprinkles! they were easy to make, they are very pretty, and i think Big Girl and CharBea will eat 'em up.

-1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
-8-10 Oreo cookies or other sandwich-style cookies
-sprinkles (we were generous and used 3/4 bottle of sprinkles for 10 cookies)

*pour sprinkles onto a paper plate or similar size dish. this will be your "dipping plate."
*line a separate plate with tin foil and set aside for finished cookies.

1) put chocolate chips in a microwave-safe bowl, and microwave for 1 minute. stir. microwave for up to 30 seconds longer until the chocolate is melted smooth.
2) dip cookie in the chocolate, covering both sides.
3) dip chocolate-covered cookie into the plate of sprinkles, covering both sides.
4) set cookie on foil-covered plate.
5) refridgerate cookies until chocolate hardens. serve & enjoy!