Thursday, September 18, 2008

good questions

i don't know these girls, but i'm hooked on their daily Q & A. every morning there's a new question in my inbox and just for a moment my thinking shifts from outward to inward. i think just for a moment...i search my insides for my own, personal, true answer. it riles up memories and feelings and photographs in my mind. sometimes the answer comes to me right away. but mostly i ponder the question all day long until i settle on my final answer.

today i'm thinking about the best concert i've ever attended. i've only been to really good concerts, so it's not an easy Q for me to A. george michael, madonna blonde ambition tour, beastie boys, do lollapalooza's count?, brittany spears before she went nuts, snoop dogg at red rocks amphitheater, red hot chili peppers, derrick carter at an old church converted to a nightclub, mark farina in downtown austin, sarah mclachlan, angels & airwaves with my little sister...oh so many good ones. do i have to pick a favorite? no. but it sure is fun trying. thanks for the challenge, carrie & danielle. otherwise, i probably wouldn't have thought about this today.