Tuesday, February 19, 2008

going digital

ok. i did it. i digi-scrapped.
a little history: i love paper crafts. always have. ten years ago scrapbooking was my all-time fave hobby. i spent hundreds of dollars and hours on gluing embellishments onto patterened paper, and carefully positioning diecuts around precious photographs. my collection of scrapbook stuff grew and grew, until it nearly needed its own room of the house.
and then i got a [real] job, and got married, and had a baby, and well...the scrapbooking stuff found its way jammed into a big cardboard box sitting on a shelf in the closet.
today i'm envious of moms who have fanciful scrapbooks for their babies with journaling and the latest embellishment techniques. because i know how much time [and money] is invested in each pretty page, i feel guilty that i didn't devote [have] time to do the same for my baby.
it's more than time that i don't have to scrapbook. i also don't have the workspace or the patience. i love paper crafts so much that i can't stand to have little bitty fingers fondling my scrapbook supplies. i don't want to share my stickers, don't touch the papercutter, and no you can't use my glue to make a Dora Valentine.
so... up, up, and away is my scrapbook stuff. until a time comes when i can spread it all out on the kitchen table and create page after page for hours uninterrupted.
in the meantime, i have heard of this new thing called digi-scrapping. not quite ready to take on such a technical, computer-reliant craft, i ignored the trend to scrapbook digitally for as long as i could.
this week, my friend tina, who is a brilliant photographer and scrapartist, inspired me to give it a whirl.
the "my wish" page is my very first ever digi-scrap project. HOW FUN it was! and it required no workspace [other than the computer], no special supplies, and no more time than it takes to edit a digital photograph! wow. i'm loving it. and looking forward to going digital with my love of paper crafts!