Thursday, August 02, 2007

easy being green

renew, reuse, recycle, repeat! that's pretty much become the slogan of the hall household since daddy hall installed that wire sliding thingy with 2 trash cans in our kitchen cabinet. you you open the cabinet door and slide out the trash cans. well we have it now. and let me tell you something. that sort of contraption, which i'm sure has a name, is a lifestyle.
we sort. we break down. we flatten. we rinse out. this is the house of recycling. if anyone on our block- heck, if anyone in our neighborhood- recycles as much as we do i will be surprised. it's a lot easier to dump everything in the garbage and toss the occasional milk jug in the city issued recycle bin.

pretty much everything is recyclable. did you know that?

we were [unashamedly] inspired by the round-the-clock Live Earth concert that aired on too many channels one green day last month. if the intent of the neverending concert was to get people asking themselves "what can i do? how can i help!?" it worked.

now, when trash day rolls around, we only have 1 [eco-friendly biodegradable] bag to put out on the curb because everything else goes out on recycle day!

not only do we recycle, we ask for paper bags at the grocery store [unless we bring our own bag!] because our city facilities do not recycle plastic bags. i've made different choices in what i purchase at the grocer, too, based on product packaging. my next personal mission is to go on a car diet [which will be easy, i think] and convince daddy hall to start a compost [which will not be so easy].
when i go to bed at night i feel a little better knowing i did something good for the planet and we might wake up to a greener earth tomorrow.