Thursday, April 26, 2007

crazy grass, puppy love

last night we all put on our shoes and went outside to pull what daddyhall calls "crazy grass." it's crazy because it grows in random patches at twice the rate of the St. Augustine. luckily, it's managable, and once we pull it, it doesn't comes back.

Laney, on the other hand, keeps coming back. she is our neighbor's dog. she's the cutest thing- and still just a young puppy so she's silly as can be. even her breed is silly. she's a Lab-Poodle mix, making her a "Labra-doodle." no, i didn't make that up.

Laney crawls under a little hole that someone dug underneath our fence. i'm not naming names but the hole happened to appear when we moved into this house and Brindi noticed another dog on the other side of the fence.

Laney comes over to visit every single day. even if Brindi isn't outside, Laney still comes to hang out in our backyard. sometimes i'll be going about my day and glance out the window to see this little white fluff pouncing across the yard. or sometimes i'll hear Haile giggling and knocking on the glass door, and i'll see she's playing peek-a-boo thru the glass with Laney in the backyard. sometimes at night we'll hear a little bark at the back door... "is that Brindi?" one of us will ask...and then realize, "no, it's Laney."

we play with Laney, we sometimes feed her, and we sometimes discipline her (she's a chewer!). we love Laney. i have a sneaking suspicion Brindi loves Laney, too.