Friday, January 05, 2007

i will be voted "most likely to..."

"...remember 2006"

a very clever marketing tool inspired today's post.

remember yearbooks? the glossy black and white pictures of all your classmates, the amature photo collages made by those geeks in yearbook staff [just kidding jamie!], and the cheesy autograph phrases. "stay cool!"

the best part of the yearbook was always tucked somewhere in the middle, where the class favorites were announced. [the page my sister sally has torn out and framed :)]
"Most Likely to Succeed"
"Most Likely to Become President"
"Class Clown"
"Best Hair"
"Most Likely to be on Jerry Springer"

i didn't make it on that page. but that's okay, because the title i want is "Most Likely to Remember 2006."

and here are some of the year's best memories...
-jamie's visit & baby hall's 1st birthday party
-UT beats USC in the Rose Bowl
-price of stamps raised from 37c to 39c
-1st playdate w/ Cindy & Charley
-volunteering at Giggleville
-Baxter the fish
-MyGym; "open and across"; Mr. Brian, Miss Maria
-Southgate Networking Group formed
-1st playdate w/ Vicki, Cole & Emma
-Dever-Stanley Family Reunion
-Baby Hall's dedication @ Church
-1st playdate w/ Linda's playgroup
-Easter egg hunt practicing
-Easter egg hunts at J. Cooper Park and a very cold & short Easter egg hunt Daddy Hall's work
-Easter Sunday at Carl & Kay's
-reunite with Jilly, Anne & Nicole!
-JBF Sale with Sheryl
-Pl*y C*fe plans take off, moves in with BodyWorx
-lots of storytime
-fun dinner parties
-Baby Hall's first trip to the Zoo
-DH dj gig in Austin
-Rahr Brewery
-splash playgrounds
-Mikaela & Mayce visit
-Angels & Airwaves concert with Caddie
-Baby Hall's first movie in the theatre, "Ice Age"
-Sally's Tex-Rican wedding shower
-Baby Hall gets a big girl bed, started potty training
-DH takes up golf
-WF ArtFest, TX State Fair, Race for the Cure WF
-Ft Worth Museum, Dallas Museum of Art
-Pumpkin patches, petting zoos
-Ladybug Halloween costume, trick-or-treating
-1st date, Baby Hall stayed with sitter (thanks, Vicki!)
-Pl*y C*fe becomes Gorbella's
-Thanksgiving in Matagorda
-Vicki's baby shower
-Cookie-making Playdate
-DH babysat Charley & Baby Hall
-Santa Mail for a Mission