Wednesday, November 29, 2006

oh, the silliness

i love the free pass parents get to be silly with their child at any given moment on any given day. i only wish more parents would use their free pass and BE silly with their kids. i sure do enjoy using mine, especially at this stage of toddlerhood, when everything has the potential to be just plain silly.

here in the hall household, we can't say without being silly: "hello, goodbye" or "that sounds good." and it turns out we say those phrases a lot, which means we're being silly A LOT.

it all started when babyhall got her dollhouse. the dollhouse came with four dolls, naturally, a mommy, a daddy, a big sister and a little sister. when babyhall began playing with the dolls, she made the daddy doll talk in this very deep and wobbley voice. babyhall distorted her face and became daddy doll as he said to mommy doll in this silly deep tone, "hello, goodbye."

and it stuck.

on another occassion, babyhall was playing with her dollhouse when i interrupted her imagination to ask if she wanted something. still in character as daddy doll, babyhall responded in daddy dolls voice "that sounds good."

and it stuck.

if daddyhall asks "what should we do for dinner?" and i suggest something, he will undoubtedly reply, in a deep, wobbley silly voice "that sounds good."
oh, the silliness. it's just comes natrually.