Thursday, January 17, 2019

7 accessories with significance + giveaway 💝⌚

i love to collect unique accessories. my favorite jewelry is not necessarily the most trendy pieces or brands. my favorite pieces are those that hold a special meaning to me, are uniquely designed, made from durable reclaimed/recycled materials, give back or support a cause, are made fair trade, are made locally, and/or can be handed down. i daydream about my daughter and granddaughters wearing my accessories someday! i love the thought of passing down heirlooms that are stylish and hold significance.


1// JORD WATCH i get so many compliments on this watch! it's definitely unique. it is made from natural reclaimed maple wood! it is lightweight, yet durable, and truly high quality craftsmanship. i don't wear a watch every day but i have been wearing my Jord a lot - wood goes with everything! what i love about Jord (pronounced "yode") is that your watch can be custom sized to fit you, shipping is free, and the backplates of the watches can be engraved with a name or personal message. the watches come in a gorgeous gift box, too. and last night i realized face of the watch glows subtly in the dark! it's just so pretty. i love the natural look. want a Jord? thanks to a fun collaboration, click here to get 10% off and be entered to win $100 off your Jord watch:

2// HOPE DEALER this beautiful custom bracelet was a gift that is a fast favorite of mine. the word 'hope' and the wave design both are very meaningful to me! and the engraved "hope dealer" is just sounds so gangster haha...and is definitely what i want to be! i love it. find it here: tvp waves of love

3// PAPER BEADS paper bead bracelets always catch my eye because they make me think about the maker. i remember making beads from newspapers in high school art class. they're so simple yet require careful and meticulous work. this particular paper bead bracelet came with a card that says WARRIOR. it's from Mercy House Global, and the women in Kenya who handrolled these paper beads have a special place in my heart. i love the rusty reddish orange color, it is lightweight, unique, fair trade, and when i wear it i know a woman's life has been changed because of Jesus. similar bracelets: mercy house global

4// DIFFUSER BRACELET it's more than a bracelet: it's a personal diffuser! the beads on this locally made bracelet are made from unwaxed lava stone. i just add a few drops of any essential oil to the black beads, and because lava is porous, the oil is absorbed and emits the healing scents for days. patchouli oil is my favorite to drop on this bracelet. it's a simple piece of functional jewelry that i wear almost every day. similar:

5// WOOD, GEMSTONES, CRYSTALS bling is not really my thing. but the natural wood, gemstones, and crystals in this bracelet are definitely my thing! so simple! so pretty! i love the neutral colors. again, it goes with everything. but most of all, i love that this bracelet represents transformation. it was handmade by women in Charlotte, North Carolina who are overcoming poverty and injustice. by buying accessories like this one from Fashion & Compassion, all of the proceeds go towards creating a community where vulnerable women can connect with God, one another, and resources as their lives are transformed. love! the Leah Bracelet is here: Fashion & Compassion

6// MADE WITH LOVE and i can say for a fact these earrings (the red/gold and black/gold studs pictured) are absolutely made with love. the girl who makes them goes to my church, and her heart is on FIRE for Jesus. she recently stepped into this creative calling of jewelry making, and you can tell in her craftsmanship that every handstamped, handpainted, handmade piece is made with all of her heart to the glory of God. plus, they're beautiful. they're unique. they are lightweight. they are made locally. and she is always coming out with more gorgeous designs. the new Valentine's Day earrings are SO PRETTY. check it out: Made with love, AM

7// WINTON + WAITS my gold with black fringe earrings from Winton and Waits are a great statement piece without being super fancy. i always get compliments on these! Winton + Waits is a local shop in Fort Worth. they have clothing, household items, gifts, jewelry, stationary, and lots of other really pretty and unique items! every purchase gives back to one of the organizations they're partnered with, including Feeding America, Gladney Center for Adoption, LeSouk in Africa, Sabahar Ethiopia, and many others. definitely more than meets the eye with these beautiful earrings! shop Winton + Waits here:

aren't they pretty? and pretty special, too! what makes these pieces my favorite is that they're all meaningful and represent something more than your average accessory. i think any of these pieces would make a lovely Valentine's Day gift! you can't go wrong with jewelry AND a gift that gives back! :)

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"women who claim to be devoted to God should 
make themselves attractive by the good things they do."
-1 Timothy 2:10


all opinions and reviews are my own, unsolicited, including the partnership with JORD.
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