Wednesday, May 06, 2015

around here lately // earnestly i seek you (conferences)

O God, you are my God, earnestly i seek you; my soul thirsts for you... -psalm 63:1

"Let us drink of the living waters. Nay, let us receive them into our very hearts, so that we shall carry the fountain with us wherever we go." -A.B. Simpson

lately, i'm earnestly seeking God and thirsty for living waters. so i seek God and say yes to local events, to worship concerts, to spending time with other believers, and to being encouraged by spiritual leaders...

last month i took my daughter to a conference just for her. hosted by our church, BE BRAVE was specifically to encourage girls in 6th through 12th grade. i volunteered, so i got to watch from the peripherals as my girly participated in the conference activities...giggling with girlfriends, taking tons of selfies, eating donuts at 10pm, soaking in God's truth from keynote speaker Elyse Murphy, and raising her hands in worship singing along to her favorite songs. at the end of the weekend, she was exhausted but her heart was full, and i could tell she was even a little bit braver.

our church hosts a women's conference every year and it is always so much fun. i'm looking forward to spending time with girlfriends and hearing the message - love each other well - from speakers Lisa Bevere and Bianca Olthoff. the theme is awesome and reminds me of one of my favorite MercyMe songs "Crazy Enough": "call me crazy but what if we learn to love our brother for nothing in return? oh how the rules would change."

"Many daughters have done well, 
but you excel them all. Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, 
but a woman who fears the Lord, SHE shall be praised." -proverbs 31:29-30
She Conference, hosted by Elevate Life Church, is coming up, too! this conference is new to me but i am excited to have been invited to attend. She Conference 2015 theme is COUTURE – with emaphasis that we are God’s masterpiece, knit together specifically for a purpose. i'm excited to hear from speakers Charlotte Gambill, DeAnza Duron, Destiny Duron Deas, Keela Craft and Elevate
Life Church Senior Pastors Keith and Sheila Craft. okay, i'm also looking forward to the shopping and dance party ;)
ah yes of course i must mention Declare- my favorite conference fountain! Declare is a Christian conference for bloggers, authors, artists, and online influencers. behind the scenes, Declare tests and challenges my faith like nothing else. and the weekend of the conference, i'm always blown away at what God does and in complete awe of His faithfulness. our speakers this year include Chrystal Evans Hurst, Kris Camealy, Crystal Stine, Cari Trotter, Denise Hughes, Jan Greenwood, Holly Homer, Amy Lynn Andrews, Kat Lee...and so many more beautiful, wonderful, wise women. i am truly blessed to be called to be a part of Declare!
and that is a little of what's going on around here lately: thirsting, seeking, drinking, and carrying the fountain in my heart. :)