Friday, February 20, 2015

curated: lent, white lies, and people of the cross

sometimes i don't have all the words, and sometimes other people do. i kinda love it when that happens! today i'm simply sharing a few of my favorite reads from around the internet lately. click the blue links below to read other people's words:

// REVERSE LENT CHALLENGE: This year will you celebrate Lent backwards? Instead of giving something up, take something on. 

do you observe Lent? Karen Ehman put a twist on the tradition of giving something up for 40 days and offers a challenge to instead take something on. i love this idea!

// 40 THINGS TO GIVE UP: As this season of Lent approaches, many of us think about something to “give up.” Unfortunately, these things often have little impact up on our life and walk with Christ.

if you're a stickler for the Lent tradition of giving something up but you're tired of giving up coffee or sweets, here is a FANTASTIC list of 40 other things you could give up. read the list and whichever one jumps out at you and tugs at your heart, give that up. and try to give it up beyond 40 days?

// LIES: Being in a relationship with somebody who lies is tough. It’s not that you don’t love them or care about them; it’s just that you can’t connect. Without trust, there’s no relationship.

speaking of Lent and lies, about 10 years ago before i even had the slightest understanding of Lent, my co-workers were giving up sodas and desserts for 40 days and i thought it would be a good idea to give up lying. it's not like i was a compulsive liar or anything, i was just your average white-lie-every-once-in-a-while teller. so i did it. and yall, i'm not even was lifechanging. i realized i was telling "white lies" as a way of saying what i thought people wanted to hear. for example, HER: "Did you use the coupon I gave you?" (i didn't) ME: "Yes, thank you so much!" i caught myself doing it all the time! and i learned that it was okay to be honest! same example, HER: "Did you use the coupon I gave you?" (i didn't) ME: "No, I ended up going with a different brand." and hey! it's okay! when, if i told a white lie about using her coupon and my friend later saw the very coupon lying unused on my kitchen counter, she'd probably have second thoughts about trusting me. not lying is so much easier than lying. giving up lies was FREEING! and don't be fooled...white lies are still lies.
For unless you are honest in small matters, you won’t be in large ones. If you cheat even a little, you won’t be honest with greater responsibilities. // luke 16:10

// PEOPLE OF THE CROSS: The only Love that can crush undeniable evil is the undeniable love of the Cross. God, forgive us for our lack of prayer, because the very root of our lack of growth is almost always a lack of prayer.

my heart is so heavy over this and all i know to do is pray.

// PALEO PLANTAINS RECIPE: because, yum.

i hope you enjoyed this curated collection. peace!