Wednesday, July 09, 2014


it's only right that i follow up my bikini post now because i have to tell you about my new favorite find: boardshorts! 

here's how it happened: a few weeks ago, i spotted another mom across the pool wearing a bikini and i was giving her a mental fist-bump when i noticed her cute flowery shorts. we watched our kiddos perfect their strokes in swim lessons, and at the end of the lesson, that other mom got in the pool. WITH her cute shorts on!

i had to tell her how cute i thought they were (because i believe in the power of words) and i hoped she would tell me where she got them and she did! academy sports + outdoors.

i fell in love with Hurley brand boardshorts. they cover up a little bit more than a bathing suit bottom. they are comfortable- no bunching or riding. they are not too short, not too long. i can get in the pool with them on. they dry quickly. they are cute. please look at how cute these are:

they are available on amazon but i also saw them at our local sporting goods store. yay for comfortable + cute + modest swimwear :)