Monday, April 07, 2014

rain & joyful hearts

it was rainy and cold when church let out, so we held hands and lowered our heads and ran to the car. all in, warm and seatbelted, bubba asks if we'll help him remember to wear his hat and jacket into the restaurant. we are going to his favorite place for lunch and i ask him if he's thankful.

"yes." and then,
"i'm also thankful for a roof!"

he doesn't like being wet and cold from the rain. we start in on a conversation about how blessed we are to have a roof to keep us dry and a warm home. we talk about the people who live under bridges even in our very own county. we try to imagine life that way, but we can't. the greatness of our collective gratitude makes the car quiet for a moment and my heart begins gift-counting.

1537. a roof over our heads and a warm home
1538. waking up to raindrops on the gutter
1539. ducks napping in the front yard
1540. my little drummer boy playing along with the beat
1541. playing with my daughter's beautiful hair
1542. clean fish tank
1543. full gas tank
1544. someone remembered to blow out the candle
1545. children sleeping through the night
1546. looking forward to monthly date nights
1547. patterns that are familiar, not monotonous
1548. humility vs humiliation
1549. socks tucked into pajama pants
1550. fresh buzz cuts on my men
1551. much needed rain, answered prayers
1552. 90 minutes to myself at the salon
1553. freedom from fear and the ability to take my thoughts captive
1554. spa water
1555. fresh mint
1556. new orange belt and star student of the month
1557. raising little leaders
1558. saving $ at the grocery store
1559. homemade coconut macaroons
1560. manicures and girl talk with my girly
1561. green leaves sprouting on trees
1562. spontaneous invitations to the playground
1563. getting to know new friends over pizza
1564. hot tea for him and her
1565. that chirpy bird every morning
1566. for MHK
1567. Jesus prays for me

...but He never left them without evidence of Himself and His goodness... 
He sends you rain and good crops and gives you food and joyful hearts.