Friday, April 18, 2014

good friday // selah

today is Good Friday, and without knowing how the story ends, we're left wondering what's so good about it. this is the day Jesus was beaten to death, crucified. and willingly. i can only imagine what this day was like for the disciples...the confusion and heartache, grief-stricken.

the joy of Jesus’ resurrection is coming. and thank God we know what happens next. because we know, we can celebrate. because we know, we are. because we know what happens next, we can honor and observe Good Friday with reverence. Good Friday is the day the sinless man of God bore MY SINS (all of them) and bled to death. Jesus willingly GAVE UP HIS LIFE so that we (you and i) could live.

and that, my friend, is very good.
today, selah. pause and reflect. consider the disciples. reflect on the cross. read about Jesus' death @ John 18-19. selah.