Monday, November 25, 2013

super easy Thankful Banner

this year, we made a Thankful Banner and draped it on the mantle. it's simple- all you need is:
-a long piece of twine 
-clothes pins (we painted ours with acrylic paints and glitter)
-scraps of paper (anything will do! i tore a paper grocery bag into ~3" squares)
-marker or crayon

the kids wrote what they are thankful for on scraps of paper and pinned it onto the twine with clothes pins. later we added fresh fallen leaves for extra decoration. i also added a bowl on top of the mantle with extra scraps of paper, extra clothes pins, and a marker so we can add to the banner whenever we want. 


it's a pretty little decoration that i'm tempted to keep up all year. we have wonderful conversations and i love hearing what the kids count as blessings. :) 

here are some of our other favorite Thanksgiving traditions:
-Thanksgiving bracelets with free printable (try it with the Rainbow Loom?!)