Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving bracelets

these Thanksgiving bracelets are a fun way for your children to remember the story of the first Thanksgiving. they are very simple to make - a perfect activity for children to do while they wait patiently for Thanksgiving dinner to be served. i found the idea on Pinterest, originally from My Montessori Journey. (i am a sucker for all things Montessori.) 

all you need is colored pony beads, one pipe cleaner per bracelet, and this printable

each colored bead represents part of the story of the first Thanksgiving. (we didn't have any brown beads so we used black.) 

tell the story to your children, bit by bit, as they string each bead onto their pipe cleaner.

practice with your children re-telling the story, using their bracelets to remember.

what a fun, simple, and memorable way to learn about the first Thanksgiving!