Friday, July 26, 2013

around here lately: summer sweet & slow

this summer has been wonderfully sweet and slow. our days are relaxing and not over-planned. we are making the most of this summer vacation in the sense that it really feels like vacation. we haven't committed to much, and there has been more staying and less going/doing. here's what's going on around here lately...

every week the kids each choose one random fun thing that i have written down on strips of paper in a bowl, kind of like (this), and this day, it was silly string party. what a kick!

uh, thermostat, you are drunk. thank God our highs have been in the 90s for the majority of the summer, which is sweet relief for Texas. the temperature gauge in my truck was over-exaggerating.

splash day at church! give the kids an inflatable water slide, water balloons, some songs about Jesus, and snowcones, and they are happy campers.

this song. i was listening to The Declare Conference Pandora station while doing miscellaneous household chores when it came on. and it made me stop what i was doing. i looked up and saw that it was raining, a beautiful light summer shower. i was singing God You Reign, and i remembered that time our Pastor said "it's raining on the outside, but God reigns on the inside!" and it was a nice reminder to surrender to His reign. forever and ever. yes.

Udi's gluten free bread at Costco! **happy dance** these loaves are about double the size of regular loaves of Udi's GF bread, and even the slices are bigger! this is such a blessing. i have been telling everyone i know so i might as well share it here, too :) our freezer is stocked! 

my sweet girly... i want her to remember this summer in our new house/neighborhood/community as the summer that went by slowly. the summer she swam daily. the summer she read every book in the library. the summer she got glasses. the summer she made new memories with new friends. 

i pray your summer has been slow and sweet!