Friday, May 31, 2013

around here lately: hello s u m m e r !

Hall College Prep Academy: 3rd Grade & Kindergarten Graduates!

happy June and hello summer!

we finished school in mid-May - Bubba finished Kindergarten and Big Girl finished 3rd Grade. i am so so so proud of them! we went straight into summer, diving in with both feet quite literally! lately, we smell like sunscreen, chlorine, and mosquito repellent!

here's what we've been up to around here lately...

lots of swimming

barefoot rock climbing


fresh fruit

nature treasure hunts

Flat Stanley the musical

swim lessons

returning lost dogs to their homes

good food & drink

visiting a local tiger & lion rescue center

more swimming

i'd say we're off to a great start! we are excited for lots of playdates in June, to celebrate Bubba's 5th birthday in July, and for The Declare Conference in August. we plan to make the most of these bright and sunny days :)