Wednesday, November 30, 2011

no sacrifice at all

what an incredible month of giving it's been! were you blessed by it like i was? i sure hope so. some of my favorite ways of giving this month were...

·      Donating our gently used clothes and furnishings to local charities
·      Paying anonymously for other people's orders
·      Dropping money in the fireman’s boots and red buckets
·      Playing coupon fairy
·      Making extra food to give
·      Adopting from the Salvation Army Angel Tree
·      Packing shoeboxes for Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child
·      Bringing extra snacks to share at my son’s preschool
·      Giving bigger tips
·      Mailing gifts and cards to friends just out of the blue
·      Taking the time to start conversations with strangers
·      Babysitting for friends

 it took big effort on my part to come up with a way to give, but guess what? God did His part and made a way each and every day. 

the 30 Day Giving Challenge is technically over, however, i've got a good give momentum going. i don't want to stop. 

the sacrifice of giving has a slight sting at first, yes. oh, but the joy it brought to my soul? and the pure  thanksgiving that sprung from my heart as a result? each and every time? completely worth it. no sacrifice at all. 

30-Day Giving Challenge 

i would like to encourage you to visit the 30-Day Giving Challenge website and Facebook page for more inspiration and ideas for giving. pray for ways you can give, too. i was amazed at the *little* ways He showed me i could give. let's keep the giving momentum going strong, friends!